Lithos Acoustics

Lithos has carefully designed products - each product a winner in its own right. Each speaker is designed purely on the premise of high end audio - and is a challenge for any competitive product to match at its price point. The Lithos Family is completely modular - all satellites are usable with all active subwoofers.

Our Technology

The Noa1

The Noa1 is all of what a good speaker system should be…it has all t…

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The Q10

The Q10 is the refined upgrade of the very successful Pro10 system. It…

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The Qbic

The Qbic Powered Subwoofer is the culmination of singularly thoughtful…

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The Kontra

Every aspect of the Kontra has been critically designed and engineered…

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The Karma

The Karma is Lithos Acoustics’ new flagship speaker. the Karma w…

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The Q-Balance

In 1999, LITHOS Acoustics has become the world’s first company t…

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