Our Q-balance Technology is the only one of its kind in the world to delve into the human hearing process and understand the mechanism of ear-fatigue.

In 1999, LITHOS Acoustics has become the world’s first company to introduce a proprietary, groundbreaking technology that prevents listening fatigue – the Q-BALANCE ™

Speaker systems have a frequency response curve that due to various electromechanical limitations, cannot be the ideal flat line. They exhibit peaks and dips in their response as shown in Fig1. A conventional speaker system exhibits sharp peaks and dips and this is further worsened at the crossover points. These sharp peaks exhibit a sharp slope or high Q at that point. A sharp dip also exhibits a high Q, but in the negative direction.

Scientific research, listening tests and measurement correlation studies have shown that sharp peaks and dips lead to harshness and sub-consciously perceived distortions that are the main cause of listening fatigue in modern day loudspeakers.

Lithos uses Q-balance technology to effectively eliminate these sharp peaks and dips in the frequency response. Q-balance incorporates complex response shaping techniques with specialized crossover designs that smoothen out these sharp Q points and maintain a very low Q throughout the frequency response (fig.2). These results are effectively extended to the speaker impedance curves as well (fig.3 & 4). Furthermore, since all Q- balance circuit elements are not placed in the direct signal path of the speaker, none of the clarity and transient attack of the music is lost.