In 1995, Lithos was founded with one simple premise – to make the world’s best speaker systems. In an ongoing journey of understanding the science and art of acoustics and loudspeakers, Lithos has crossed many frontiers; but none more important than that of developing true high end speakers at an affordable price. Stripped of the hype and marketing normally associated with ‘mainstream’ brands, Lithos Acoustics assumes its true place amongst the realm of high end speaker companies  – that of providing unmatched musicality, naturalness and long term listenability against any speaker at its price point.

The Indian Paradigm

The cost of Indian Intelligence is low, very low. Yet the expertise is world-class. In fact, the most number of non-Americans at NASA are from India. Indian software companies are at the pinnacles of the competitive global IT industry. Lithos draws from this unique Indian phenomenon. Lithos incorporates a level of intellectual design that international companies can only incorporate in speakers typically costing ten times as much. Thus, the choice of a Lithos speaker will ensure a product of value and quality, which will, by far, exceed all expectations.

Mission Statement

In today’s modern, market-driven world, most mission statements and company philosophies sound remarkably similar. And one company’s mission statement can easily be swapped for another’s.

At Lithos, our mission statement and company philosophy is definite. We don’t intend to be vague nor do we want to play on words to provide a feel-good factor, without really meaning anything.

So let’s say what we truly believe in.

We believe that our proprietary technology, Q-balance (no listening fatigue), is the most important development in the audio industry, and will sooner or later become the most important criterion in a discerning customer’s choice of a music system.

We believe that the subwoofer-satellite speaker combination is simply the best and most flexible solution for getting sound right within the constraints of our real-world listening rooms. And we are the only company in the world dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-end, subwoofer-satellite speaker systems.

We will never stop learning.

We will always put our passion for speaker design and engineering, love for music and zest for life over the need to be profitable.

We won’t be dictated to by market forces… We will define them.

Welcome to Lithos Acoustics.