Design & Development for Large Speaker Companies

At Lithos, we offer the highest quality of intellectual design and conceptualization (consulting) at a fraction of the cost of other design and engineering consultants.

  • Our abilities span across the whole gamut of the speaker conceptualization, design & engineering chain
  • Generate radical ideas and concepts that stem from creative and intelligent thinking.
  • Conceptualize new products based on design, engineering and marketing considerations.
  • Conceptualize products for sound – and shape, size, look and feel.
  • High-end design based on total knowledge of high-end speaker design.
  • Supported by high-end design/measurement software/hardware.
  • Supported by high-end CAD based engineering and visual prototyping.
  • World-class prototyping.

For a world-class, intelligent and profitable venture, we could be your most important partner.

Knowledge is the most important aspect for any design and engineering venture – and this is what we are proud of. At Lithos, we are always learning, and evolving. We are not just consultants. We successfully manufacture and market our unique brand of speakers and concepts. You will share our expertise in being radical, uniquely different and most importantly – highly focused.

Our Q-balance technology is 1 such radical idea – taken forward by years of research, knowledge, understanding – and belief.

We also have the direct-to-ground speaker stands – a world’s first speaker stand that isolates floor and speaker vibration by using a simple mechanical transfer function – patent pending

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Kausik Dutta
Kausik Dutta
2 years ago

I want to more about your system for my home hifi audio requirements.

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