The Q10 is the refined upgrade of the very successful Pro10 system. It plays exceptionally (and disappears) in a 200sqft room or powers a 500sqft room with absolute ease and precision, thanks to it’s unique 3-piece configuration. The Q10 has been redesigned with new drivers and amplification for the subwoofer, so get set to enjoy power and precision, clarity and control. Since the active subwoofer is part of the stereo system, enjoy powerful, accurate and non fatiguing 5.1 entertainment with just the addition of a Q10 centre speaker and 2 rear noa1 satellites.


The Q10 is the refined upgrade of the highly successful Pro10 speaker system. It takes high fidelity to the next level by adding power, precision and control to give you a full bodied sound, capable of easily filling a 500sqft room with ease, yet it performs and disappears beautifully in a room of 200sqft as well. Audiophile music or Home Theatre? No compromises either way.


The Q10 system consists of 2 separate satellites and a powered subwoofer, both designed individually from the ground up, bringing out the best of the individual design philosophies. The combination is superbly effective too, sounding harmonious together as a whole system. This solution is easy to set-up and use and provides amazing flexibility for an easy upgrade to any configuration of home theatre. With efficiency is in the 92dB range and 400W (RMS) of power deliverable on tap, this system is set to easily outperform anything in it’s size and price.

Technical Highlights:

  1. Q balance technology for no listening fatigue
  2. Constant Vertical Directivity Satellite Driver Arrangement
  3. Complex Multi Element Crossover
  4. 24 dB / Oct bass filter in Satellite for maximised power handling
  5. Active Subwoofer with a standalone Power Module
  6. Optimised, Complex Bandpass Chamber with a high power 10″ power module

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Handling Capacity: 125 W RMS / Ch (Satellie) – 150 W RMS (Subwoofer)
  • Freq Response (-3dB): 36 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Usable Freq Response (-8dB): 28Hz onwards
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 90dB 1W / 1m
  • Amplifier Requirements: 30 W – 150 W RMS / Ch
  • Typical Listening Area: upto 500 sqft (stereo) – upto 800 sqft (5.1 system)
  • Dimensions H x W x D (inches):
    • 15.75 x 6.5 x 6.5 (Satellite)
    • 17 x 16 x 16 (Subwoofer)
  • Finish: Black PU Stippled – non std available on request
  • Drivers per channel:
    • 1 x 1″ ferro fluid cooled fabric dome tweeter
    • 2 x 5.25″ melamine coated doped paper midrange
    • 1 x 10″ low mechanical loss subwoofer
  • Weight:
    • 6.5 Kg Satellite each
    • 24 Kg Subwoofer – Includes power module
  • Stereo System Consists of: 2 satellites + 1 subwoofer (includes subwoofer power module)

Crossover Design:

At Lithos, we believe that the crossover is the heart of the speaker system and in the Q10, this philosophy is extended even further than in the already complex, original Pro10 design. To start with, the crossover is a huge 22-element engine, based around our proprietary Q-balance technology of eliminating ear fatigue. Complex response-shaping and detailed elimination of problems in the frequency response  characterize this crossover system.

Taking a leaf out of our learning from our flagship Speaker, the Kontra, The Q10 crossover elements have been refined to provide a more natural and musical presentation of the sound – and aligned in a special configuration to minimise the effects of EMI interference which occurs when many inductor  coils are placed together – or when inductors are placed close to speaker voice coils.

The mid and high sections are designed on two separate boards, preventing any further chance of mutual induction, coupling or interference.

A bass filter that works as a fourth order (24dB/Oct) high pass, ensures that the mids and lower mids are free of having to deliver bass, thus allowing greater power handling and cleaner sound due to reduced Doppler distortion and Intermodulation distortion.

The mid-high crossover simulates a third order (18dB/Oct) Butterworth alignment – preventing excessive output from the 3 drivers and minimising lobing errors. The vertical gap between the drivers has been reduced as compared to the Pro10, to closer approximate a point source in this D’Appolito (MTM) configuration. This means a smooth, flat crossover transition with minimal phase response problems unlike in typical MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) configuration.

Diffraction rise in the midrange is also effectively smoothed out, to keep the midrange rise in check and ensure neutral mids through the effective frequency range. This frequency rise is typical in most designs, causing excessive mid-band output. The superb, laid-back yet detailed Lithos sound is all too evident in this complex design.

The mellow, flat midrange sound is extended to the tweeter and the tweeter elements allow for minimum phase impedance all the way up to 20000Hz.

Resistors with no inductance all the way upto 40KHz and parallel capacitors in the tweeter stage, make the highs sound smooth, extended and in absolute harmony with the mids.

The Q10’s unique powered Subwoofer – the Qbic

We are confident that when you evaluate the Qbic subwoofer that comes along with the Q10 satellite speakers, you will find it to be one of the most unique product of it’s kind – anywhere in the world. This subwoofer incorporates thoughtful and dedicated design and the performance of this product is set to go beyond your expectations…and beats anything in it’s price range – and way more. While the Terra150 subwoofer, was a grand design in itself, the Qbic goes further in delivering a more accurate, faster and a more musical bass reproduction.

The subwoofer is built around a single, high-powered 10” woofer, arranged internally inside a 16” cube cabinet which simulates a low frequency filtered, bandpass design.

This cabinet design internally compresses and de-activates excessive cone movements – because the woofer works into a fixed mass of air, thus audible distortions due to overdriving are virtually eliminated. Furthermore, this system, unlike conventional reflex systems, protects the woofers from subsonic/infrasonic frequency distortion – typically afflicting subwoofers when reproducing home theatre bass. In any case, overdriving the high-powered 10” woofer to start with – is a task in itself.

The Qbic uses a High Density, thick-walled cabinet design, which improves on bass transients and speed, as compared to the original Terra150.

The efficiency of the system is maintained by an intelligent design of the parameters of the bandpass chamber, manipulated so that a correct and usable bandwidth, that is most appropriate for music and home theatre,  is available without stress or unnecessary over-excursion. This is unlike other subwoofers that claim high power ratings on their amplifiers and speakers, but the total usable output is restricted in it’s final audible range. The Qbic is capable of a stunning 119dB in-room loudness from 40Hz to 120Hz, please compare with other subwoofers in this price range and verify the difference for yourself…

The power module is a high current, supplied bridged-mode amplifier, made with demanding specifications and delivers outstanding bass transients and dynamics. The amplifier comes with a balanced input/output connector and is bridged in normal mode to double it’s power into a single channel.  It has excellent specifications with over 200W RMS/Ch @ 8Ohm, >200:1 damping factor, > 20 V RMS Voltage gain, with a slew rate of 30V/µs and a THD of < 0.02% !

The Power Module comes as a separate sleek add on – and is mounted as part of your equipment rack. This prevents excessive vibration – caused by the constant air pressure – from causing modulation distortion in the power module. Just think, would you like to keep your amplifier directly on top of your speakers? Imagine what would that would do the internal parts of the amplifier in the long run. Now think of all those active subwoofers that have the power module inside the subwoofer cabinet! The Q-bic can be easily looped, so that 2 or more subwoofers can be used in a single installation.

This is the thoughtful and intelligent approach to loudspeaker design that is the hallmark of Lithos, providing modular, flexible and upgradeable solutions, so that you spend for what you need, and in the process, eliminating unnecessary componentry, which effectively improves the quality of overall design.

Cabinet Design:

Rigid bracing, high density fiberboard material and a monocoque construction ensure a quality, resonance-free sound from the satellites. A narrow profile is maintained to avoid diffraction effects, giving an overall boxless sound. The drivers are vertically integrated with a smaller centre distance – than in the older Pro10. The satellites can be mounted on stands for the complete audiophile look and feel, but a variety of wall mounting options allows you to get this fantastic Lithos sound in any conceivable configuration.

Both satellite and subwoofer cabinets are designed using high tech CAD systems and are manufactured on world-class wood working lines.

The subwoofer cabinet is made from 3/4” thick high density wood-board. This complex cube construction with the re-inforcing baffle inside the box, acts as a rigid shell, preventing vibration and cabinet energy storage effects – reducing unwanted resonances to a minimum. Port and cabinet design is optimized for deep, fast bass even at the lowest volume levels. The weight of the complete subwoofer cabinet is 14Kgs – 24Kgs with the power module!

The subwoofer driver -1 x 10” – works around a rigid paper based cone with reinforcing ribs, a stiffer cone material as compared to the Terra150, this material providing the musicality associated with paper as a cone material as well as ensuring adequate stiffness for break-up free excursion due to the melamine coating. A larger, 4-layer voice coil and a ventilated pole piece ensure high power handling by dissipating excess heat quickly.

The mids use melamine coated paper material and are 5.25”. Large magnet structures maintain low Q values for a mellow yet tight and detailed sound. At 5.25”, the mids are able to dig into the 100Hz range with ease and provide superb integration with the bass of the 10” woofer.

The tweeter is a 1” dome, again with an oversized magnet. A low resonance point increases power handling and minimizes crossover distortion. Ferrofluid cooling along with the fabric material of the dome ensures a seamless transition between the mids and the highs.